Top 10 U.S. Cities to Retire In

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Searching for a retirement town can be overwhelming. America is so beautiful and it offers such a huge variety of landscape and weather, it’s hard to pick just one spot. I chose 10 top cities to retire in to help you narrow down the map and I included a link at the end of this article to help you in your research endeavors. If you’re interested in a city or town just click on the link and it will give you information such as crime index, weather, natural disaster history, demographics, etc. Top 10

  1. Austin, Texas. With a nice all-year-round climate, this city has great restaurants, lakes for boating, culture, concerts, golf, tennis, college town, and affordable housing. The median house price is $196,000. The climate is humid subtropical and unpredictable in the spring and summer. If you love a good thunder storm in the afternoon you’ll love Austin – the storms are spectacular.
  2. Tyler, Texas. This quaint town is known as the rose capital of America. You’ll find a great civic theater, two colleges that offer great plays and other entertainment, two different concert series each year, a zoo, hunting, lakes, and beautiful scenery. This is a well-kept town – the homes are very affordable and there is little to no blight. Median house price is $123,000. The climate is humid subtropical and unpredictable in the spring.
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  4. Huntsville, Alabama. If you like humid subtropical climate, low crime, and great shopping and entertainment, then you’ll love this smoky mountain foothill city located in the Tennessee River Valley. There are plenty of museums, galleries, theaters, parks, and festivals to keep you busy for a real long time. Housing is extremely affordable with a median price at $139,500.
  5. Ann Arbor, Michigan. One of America’s healthiest cities. If you like golfing, biking, swimming, and yoga, you’ll love this city. A productive agricultural and fruit growing region, the landscape consists of hills and valleys along the Huron River. There are 150 parks and the University of Michigan Health Center is one of the largest university medical centers in the world. Median house price is $239,400. The climate is Midwestern humid continental and seasonal with cold winters and moderate snowfall (about 1 to 10 inches per month) and warm and humid summers.
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  7. Madison, Wisconsin. This quaint university town offers everything you’d find in a big city, such as first-rate health care and top-quality entertainment. It’s a very social town with busy shops and restaurants within easy walking distance. There are numerous golf courses, bike trails, and beautiful lakes for sailing. Madison has a humid continental climate with variable weather patterns and great seasonal temperature variances. Winters will get down below freezing with heavy snowfall and summer temperatures can reach 90 degrees with high humidity levels. Housing is affordable with the median price at $216,000.
  8. Pensacola, Florida. Life here revolves around water and beach activities. Known as having the world’s whitest beaches, Pensacola offers miles of walking and adventuring. The town is very laid back and offers many fun festivals throughout the year, from art to crawfish. The climate is subtropical with mild winters and hot humid summers. Pensacola is vulnerable to hurricanes and flooding. You’ll find affordable housing with the median price at just $166,000.
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  10. Seattle, Washington. You’ll never run out of healthy things to do in this beautiful city with Mount Rainier, Lake Washington, and the Puget Sound surrounding you. You can sail, ski, bike ride, camp, and hike almost year round. The city is loaded with chic restaurants and breathtaking views; arts and entertainment and colleges abound. The median house price is $478,100. Seattle is vulnerable to earthquakes. The climate is mild and is cloudy an average of 226 days per year. Seattle has a reputation for being a rainy city but it receives less rain than Houston, Atlanta, New York City, and most other cities of the Eastern Seaboard.
  11. Portland, Oregon. Portland is surrounded by lush greenery, quaint homes, and incredible restaurants. The city is clean and the air is fresh. The city offers miles of safe bike lanes, boating on the Willamette and Columbia rivers, breathtaking hiking trails, and state parks with waterfalls and streams galore. This is a great community if you love festivals, night life, arts, and theater. Median house price is $295,600. Summers in Portland are warm and sunny; winters can be mild to chilly. Rainfall averages 42.7 inches per year over an average of 155 days. It snows only a few times during the winter – just enough to enjoy it rather than curse it.
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  13. Ashville, North Carolina. This Blue Ridge Mountain city offers the most impressive collection of Art Deco architecture in the U.S. and continues to pop up on national “best of” lists. Modern Maturity named Asheville as “The 50 Most Alive Places to be,” AARP included the city in “Best Places to Reinvent your Life,” and, American Style named it “America’s Top 25 Arts Destinations.” Average median house price is $198,000. The climate is pretty much the same as the rest of the southeastern U.S., but with slightly cooler temperatures due to the higher altitude. Winters can get below freezing and snowfall comes a few times each year.
  14. Santa Fe, New Mexico. If you love art and Mexican food you’ll love this city. Santa Fe’s art market is the 2nd largest in the U.S. There are many hiking, biking, and equestrian trails close by and skiing within 16 miles of town. Santa Fe is located at 7,000 feet above sea level. It is the highest state capital in the U.S. Winter climate is cool and you’ll see about 5 inches of snow per month. Summers are warm with about 2 to 3 inches of rain per month. Median priced house is $330,000.


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