Top 10 Flame Retardant Building Materials

From on August 04, 2008 in General

house fireEveryone is afraid of fire, more so in their home. You wouldn’t believe the many ways you can protect your home from fire. I was amazed when I researched fire retardant building materials. Literally I had no idea that there are ways of protecting our homes, even our own clothing! Here’s Flame Stop’s list of Top 10 Fire Retardant Building Materials.

  1. Sprays
  2. Intumescent Paints
  3. Penetrants
  4. Saturants
  5. Coatings
  6. Caulk/Putty
  7. Non-Toxic
  8. Commercial Use
  9. Household Use
  10. Interior/Exterior

When you are shopping around for fire retardants, a great thing to know is that you can purchase them by the quart, gallon, drum, and tote. Prices vary by the size and application type. There is no “all purpose” fire retardant. Fire retardants are rated A, B and C, and most materials need a specific formula. Depending on what you want to protect, whether it’s wood, fabric, pressure treated wood, or even foam, there are different application types for the job.

Before you get too comfortable with the thought of protecting your home from fire, take a look at Fire for information on how chemicals work. Become enlightened by fire safety, and take every chance you can to protect you and your home!