This Week on the Web: Minimizing

From on March 06, 2008 in General

Less is more, bigger is not better, start small. The cliches abound, and we’re guilty of using some of them on this blog. Ubiquitous as the language is in this green day and age, there is an underlying truth behind it all. Spaciousness feels better, cleaner, and reducing waste is good for both our peace of mind and the greater good. Here are some suggestions/examples on minimizing from some of our favorite websites. Space Saving This week, This Old House gives 15 recommendations for kitchen and bath space savers. These include small bathroom fixtures with attached storage, a dishwasher drawer you can slip beneath the sink, a combined TP and magazine holder, and compact appliances. Living in 300 Square Feet Treehugger just found this small unit with rounded corners and modern ambiance. With just 300 square feet to work with, the space exudes inspiration from both the loft and the studio. Way to live large on less. More Tiny Spaces We’re talking portable and just 100 square feet. This week, On the Level found a company that sells them this small and ready-made – in 16 different designs. It’s called Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. Small Appliances for Your Tiny Spaces Appliancist has an older but helpful post on small appliances, including a free-standing steam oven by Miele, a countertop dishwasher, and a table top dishwasher. Another older post features a mini kitchen from Whirlpool. Look these up and find more of the same! On the Minimalist Lifestyle in General Today, Jetson Green talks about minimalism at home, work, and everywhere. It seems small is on everyone’s mind. Especially when it comes with greater efficiency, energy savings, and the move toward a more clutter-free lifestyle. Links: Need Help Remodeling A Small Bathroom? Single Wall Kitchens for the Smaller Home