The Rise of the Modular Home

From on March 20, 2008 in General

Manufactured home

There are three different options when building a home: modular, manufactured, and site built. Site built homes are constructed completely on site; manufactured homes are built and inspected in a factory according to the HUD standard, and modular homes are built about 85% in the factory, then transported to the building site and finished by licensed contractors. They are subject to the same State, Federal, and local building requirements and inspections as a site built home. So what makes them stand out?

Modular homesModular homes are less expensive. Construction square footage rates vary by area, but in some cases, modular homes end up being less expensive. Unlike manufactured homes, they not only maintain their value, but will increase in value over time. Modular homes can cost anywhere between 5 and 25% less to build than a traditional home. Because most of the construction takes place in a factory, the building process is not affected by weather, contractor delays, and other factors that typically drive up cost and time on a job site.

Modular homes are more convenient to purchase. Many people enjoy the convenience of going to a modular lot, viewing several homes, and selecting which features they like. Depending on the amount of custom features, the standard modular home takes an average of three months to complete from the initial order, whereas a site built home will take six months or longer.

Modular homes are full of quality features. You can either purchase, or custom install any quality feature commonly found in a stick built home. Depending on your budget, modular homes can come complete with granite countertops, stainless appliances, and custom bathrooms. Another option is to buy a basic home and update as you can afford it. Gone are the days of low elevations and box shapes. As the Excel Home Cite demonstrates, it is almost impossible to distinguish a modular home from a stick home anymore. Choose from beautiful log homes, multi-story houses, and homes full of custom features.

A quick not of caution: if you are considering a modular home, be sure to research any deed restrictions or CC&Rs prohibiting them. Because of their attractive appearance, many areas don’t object to modular homes. But because they are often confused with manufactured homes, some areas only allow site built homes.

Although they are promoted as a better quality, less expensive, and more efficient product than many site built homes, modular homes haven’t really caught on yet. Unfortunately, too many people confuse them with the less popular manufactured home, and avoid them. Check it out, you’ll be surprised how beautiful these homes can be; then, request a free-estimate to install your new home from a certified, experienced contractor.