Fixing Up the Little Things

From on December 11, 2008 in General

Leaky Faucet

Do you have a number of little annoyances around your house that you live with each day? I realized the other day how many small glitches around my house grate on my nerves on a daily basis. Like the splash-guard on the bathroom tub that falls off continually, the kitchen faucet that leaks, or the fact that it takes close to five minutes for hot water to reach the master bath. Even though we just invested thousands into completely remodeling our house, these small details still have been left unattended to.

Although these things may seem like no big deal, they do began to chip away at our sense of satisfaction with our home. My list doesn’t end there. I can probably think of ten more “little” problems, but I won’t bore you with the details. The point is, all of these are easy and simple fixes, and instead of gradually learning to dislike my home, I should just have them corrected and eliminate the stress that they cause.

So instead of finding my one-year-old playing with the splash-guard several times a day, or inwardly cursing as I wait for the hot water for the baby’s washcloth as he screams impatiently; I should pick up the phone and find a solution. In probably a three-day period, a contractor can fix all of these little things. Take a moment to make a list of things you don’t like about you r home. Take advantage of cheaper construction rates right now, and make your home more of a happy place.

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