The growing popularity of 55 & older communities

From on August 21, 2008 in General

active adultRecently we visited a friend who resides in a 55 and older community. The immaculate, quiet neighborhood spoke maturity and serenity, leaving us feeling as though we’d just stepped into a location where only whispering was allowed. We could almost feel the curious but unseen looks of the other residents. Instantly their suspicion was raised. After all, we weren’t her family and had never visited before, so we must be soliciting or casing out the area!

Retiring with Peace of Mind

Many retired people choose these neighborhoods so they can enjoy life from a safe and protected environment—free of crime, noise, and traffic more commonly associated with younger families. These communities are quite close-knit and carefully screen each new resident to ensure a quality addition to the area. Additionally, these communities offer club-houses, sports, activities and events that are conducive to the age of the residents. Many people decide upon these communities as their home base while they enjoy their retirement. They can travel as much as they wish with the peace of mind that their home is watched and protected while they are away.

Finding Your Own Secure Community

55 and older communities can range from basic and affordable modular homes to upscale million-dollar homes. The concept is the same: to create a safe and clean environment to protect the residents’ investments and quality of life. Imperative to maintaining the integrity of the community is working hard to keep it secure. Thus, watchful eyes and aroused suspicions are quite understandable, and it’s easy to see why these communities are growing in popularity. This site,, profiles, compares, and contrasts various communities like these around the country. If you are planning to retire soon, you may find some of the information helpful.

Photo Credit: Briarwood Active Adult Community