The Custom Appearance of Vaulted Ceilings

From on August 19, 2008 in General

vaulted ceilingMy neighborhood is dotted with a melting pot of homes from various time periods and design styles. There are many like ours with the early 20th century charm, a few built in the modern oversized style, and then a handful of those whose plain rectangle-like bodies with barely pitched roofs just say “I was built in the 50s.” One of the most defining characteristics of these homes is their different roof pitches. Not always, but in many cases, the roof pitch helps to determine what type of ceilings the interior of the house will have.

The interior ceilings in a home are equally important to creating the design as exterior pitches. Interior ceilings are almost more significant in that they contribute to the overall feeling of size, lighting, and custom design. Interior ceilings can be low, high, or vaulted. Vaulted ceilings always present the most custom appearance, and offer the most stylistic liberties.

There are a few different types of vaults: the grand and spectacular cathedral design, the more sophisticated tray, or the simple yet delightful cove. You are somewhat limited as to the type of ceiling you have based on the height of your roof pitch. Nothing is impossible, however, and there is no better way to give your house a modern makeover than to raise the roof and create a spectacular vaulted ceiling.

Tray ceilings and cove ceilings are easier to incorporate into existing architecture, and all will work to bring more style to your home. We have assembled a collection of articles detailing the various ceiling types, providing you with valuable information that you can hopefully incorporate into your home remodel. Check out the links listed above for more information.