Summerproofing Your Home

From on June 03, 2008 in General

summer-deck-furniture.jpgThe howling winds, freezing snows, and pelting rains of winter are pretty hard to ignore; but the harmful effects of summer are a bit more subtle. With all of the increased activity of summer, it can be easy to forget to adequately summerproof your home. Properly preparing your home for summer includes simple chores, both inside and out.

Begin by cleaning up the debris from winter storms. A clean exterior will allow you to spot chipping paint, cracks where insects can invade, and exposed wood that can become warped and damaged by the sun. Repaint or re-stain deck and porch surfaces and the siding where needed. Unpack and clean the patio furniture before you fire up the grill.

Give your screens a once over. Make sure they are not are torn or falling off, but ready to provide ample ventilation on hot summer days. Inspect all of your pipes and irrigation systems. It is important to check for leaks or broken lines, especially if you’ve ignored them through the winter.

The interior of our homes can use some attention as well. Have your air conditioning unit serviced and the thermostat set to ensure optimum energy efficiency. Arrange your furniture out of the sun’s harmful rays, and protect your flooring from fading also. Proper window treatments can also help with temperature control. To help your home be as enjoyable as possible during the summer months, it helps to have a good organization system in place. Clean-out all cupboards and closets of winter oriented clothes and dishes. Storage in an attic, garage, or backyard shed can help to make your system complete and functional.

With the chores out of the way, you can kick-back, relax, and plan those great summer activities with your family. Request free estimates from pre-certified contractors to ensure your chores are done quickly and effectively.