Something Bold, Something New. Deciding Which Design Is Right for You.

From on March 10, 2008 in General

There are so many different styles and designs to choose from today when you are planning your remodel. Sometimes it can be a bit overwhelming. A remodel should be a fun project, and the best part should be choosing your new style.

Before you begin, it is helpful to have a clear picture in mind of the particular look you are striving for. If your ultimate goal is to remodel every aspect of your house, you have more design leeway. If you want to convert your home into a Spanish hacienda, you can do it. Or, if you love the ornate Victorian look, you can do that. But if you’re only tacking one or two rooms, you might not want to change your current style too drastically. Update without creating clashing styles.

Begin with analyzing the shape, size, and age of your house. Evaluate the general design of your neighborhood as well. If every house on your street has stucco siding, your home might stand out like a sore thumb with a full-brick face. On the other hand, maybe you can get away with a mild wood siding with a brick accent. If your home is a single-story bungalow, the classic Victorian look probably isn’t the most appropriate. Generally, you want to have some congruency between the exterior and interior of your house.

craftsman roof

Take my home for an example. It is a small craftsman built in 1910 in a downtown historic district. When beginning my remodel, I had two options. Either keep everything era-specific, or make tasteful modern choices. I elected to do a more modern, classic look, incorporating the dark woods of the era with modern granite and stainless steel. I continued a general natural theme of stone and wood throughout the home, avoiding anything too contemporary. I wanted the home to appeal to the largest amount of buyers, while still having the traditional charm of wood-framed windows and clawfoot bathtubs.

Your contractor can help you decide which options are financially feasible. For further inspiration, take a drive through your favorite neighborhoods and look for design ideas. In many cities, you can tour model homes to see what products are being used the most. This is your chance to transform your home into what you’ve always wanted; make the most of it!