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From on March 14, 2008 in General

Eco BulbsLooking for some fresh ideas? Or an easy way to make heads or tails out of the numerous CFLs flooding the soon-to-be incandescent-free market? For one or both reasons, the following blog is here to help with four fun finds.

Eco bulbs

For overhead lights, lamps, track lighting, pendant lamps and more, Domino Magazine tested out 65 different lightbulbs to give you the best in fluorescent lighting options. Recommended bulbs include GE Energy Smart’s compact fluorescent, Energy Wiser’s CF Deco, and n:vision’s compact fluorescent.

Decorative stone

According to the Home Renovation Guide, decorative stone entails the home improvement project of choice. Premium decorative stone can actually add more value to your home than it costs, while veneers add dramatic visual impact without the cost and weight.

Driftwood furniture - notcotDriftwood

Those wood pieces floating along the coast can become beautiful decorative and functional pieces within the home. The aesthetic is both earthy and tasteful, not to mention unique. Check out the product line by Bleu Nature, which includes both indoor and outdoor pieces.

Salvaged goods

These are the treasures you find in unlikely places, marked by cracking paint and tons of character. They’ve got history, and often times, lots of value. To help your treasure hunting endeavors, Dwell published a list of favored salvage yards from New York to California.

As with every remodel, do your research, have fun, and hire a pre-screened contractor.

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