News Around the Remodeling World

From on September 18, 2007 in General

Catching up with “News around the Remodeling World”

  • My Abodo - An interactive toy that lets you shape a house around your needs. The idea behind MyAbodo is to make a home matching your style (colors, appliances, showers or baths, etc.), and find out what your taste of home means to the environment. via Mashable
  • 10 Questions to ask a Kitchen Designer by Susan Serra. Susan includes some really helpful tips for this process including, ““Ask for more than 3 designs or plans,” and “Does the designer keep up with new ideas, products, industry advancements?”
  • Ask the Contractors License Board from the SF Chron
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  • How do I know if a contractors license is phony? The best way to find out if a license number is legitimate is to go online to the license board’s Web site,
  • Can an unlicensed designer complete contractor work? By law, any person performing construction work that costs more than $500 (for both labor and materials) is required to have a state license.