New Furniture Trends For The New Year

From on November 05, 2013 in General

New furniture trends find their way into our homes just as new fashions make their way into our wardrobes. You may want to completely replace your outdated furniture with new pieces of furniture, or you may simply want to switch out some old furnishings for more trendy options. Whatever your situation is, here are a few of the up and coming furniture trends that will give the interior of your home a revitalized appearance.

Ancient Themes Re-emerge

Neoclassical, ancient Egyptian, Roman and Greek themes are part of the new design trend. Tables made of stone or stone-like material will be very popular. Upholstery fabric and table etchings that resemble shapes, figures and designs found on ancient temple walls will be seen on accent chairs and wood furnishings.

Upholstery Designs

Bold patterns, abstracts, stripes and geometric shapes will be a prominent part of the new upholstery patterns. These will be seen on chairs, sofas, accent pillows, rugs and window treatments. Bright, bold floral patterns are also featured in the fabric on new furniture pieces.


Defined lines, trim-line design, square and rectangular shapes, and a certain amount of rigidity have been popular in modern, contemporary and transitional decors. It’s now time for a change. Circular furniture designs are the new trend. Circular accent tables for the living room, round dining tables and circular bedside tables are bringing a element of softness to home decors. Curved sofas and chairs add a soothing element to a living room decor. Not only is it trendy to bring some of this curved furniture into your home, it’s also fashionable to arrange your furniture in semi-circular groupings. For your bedroom reading area you might consider using an over-sized curvaceous accent chair and round table to create a serene space.


The term “minimalistic” is still a prominent description for new trends. It is essential that each room be furnished with just enough furniture to make it functionally attractive, but not so much furniture that is looks cluttered. You will notice a difference in the new style of accent chairs. They are actually larger in size and feature bolder fabric. They look very much like a work of art that has been incorporated into the decor. These chairs bear a strong resemblance to aristocratic chairs. They are regal, impressive and often feature bold patterned upholstery.

Furniture Inspiration

Evidence of an influence from animals, nature, folklore, and various cultures can be seen in new furniture designs and upholstery patterns and textures. There’s considerable diversity in fabric options. Silk is going to be popular and so is suede. Chairs upholstered in suede will be cherished by anyone striving for an atmosphere of warmth in their living room or bedroom. Paired with a sheepskin rug and accent pillows, suede assumes an attitude of elegance that would make any room look impressive. You will be seeing bright yellow emerge as the new trendy color. Keep this in mind as you select your new furnishings and accessories.

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