My Impression of 8 Interior Design and Furniture Blogs

From on April 17, 2009 in General

grassroots-modern.jpgPhoto Credit: GrassrootsModern I have recently learned about “lurking.” Sad to report but I, a consummate blogger, am also a terrible lurker. Lurking is when you skulk about in cyber space reading and reviewing blogs but never acknowledge your own presence by leaving a comment on the blog for the author (who, by the way, will always be thrilled to receive comments - good or bad, just because it means people are there, reading). So first, leave me comments! I beg you - it’s all we bloggers ever really want! Second, here are some blogs on interior design and furniture that I checked out and my impression of them - to lurk or not to lurk. Coochicoos: I’m a simple girl, easily amused - this site had me with their name alone. Tickle, tickle. It’s aimed at design/décor for parents who think they’re entitled to have “nice stuff” even after baby comes. The posts are mostly photos of cool things, very few words. It has a lot of fun stuff to look at, but unless you’re the online shopper type (which I am not), there’s really not much more to do there. Fun to look at, but time to lurk on. coochicoos.gifPhoto Credit: Design Boston: This one’s a toss-up, I have to say. I usually have very strong initial reactions to blogs and web sites, but this one takes some careful consideration. I like that the author is active - he’s not just talking and showing what others do, he talks about the things he does in his own apartment and shows them in photos. That part is interesting. The downer is that half the blog posts are about Boston events - great if you’re my brother in Marblehead, Mass. - not so great if you’re pretty much everyone else and very remote from that area. Keep it personal, Boston-guy, and I’m there. Design Milk: I loved this site. It’s like the perfect site for adults with ADD, which I think I’m starting to develop. Each post has something totally different and new. The features range from art and jewelry to furniture and cars - all with very unique designs. I have to admit I don’t get out much, but this blog makes me feel like I should - there’s obviously tons of cool stuff out there I’ve yet to discover, but I think I’ll save on gas and just live vicariously through this site! Only down side - there’s not enough description of the way cool stuff in the photos, I’d like to know more about these things and the people who created them. I’ve definitely got some words for this blogger, though - good ones - in the comment section. Design Sponge: Ok - this is the first site I checked out and I have to say, it will probably be my favorite. The home page has several posts about furniture and design projects that have been completed and most of them are before and after shots of what people have done to make totally new and fun pieces out of old furniture. Nothing gets my attention more than reusing something old instead of buying new. Don’t lurk here, leave your mark, and your comments - I did! design-sponge.jpgPhoto Credit: Design*Sponge Desire to Inspire: I’m not sure I came away from this blog with the sense the authors intended. The site it littered with photos, but mostly of very busy rooms where I wasn’t sure exactly what I was supposed to be looking at. Each post has very few words, as if the photos are supposed to speak for themselves. All they said to me was, “Where’s the maid?” Just too much, really. Lurking right along…. freshome: I was really wowed by this sight. It’s like a journey across the globe, peeking into the homes of people in different nations. It has a lot of examples of furniture and design from homes all over the world and although I’m not sure I’ll be mimicking any of it in my house, it was really intriguing. I didn’t see a lot of comments on this sight, but that’s possibly because there were whole pages of interesting posts, all from today’s date. They obviously have a lot of design and furniture stories to tell - and lots of great vivid photos to ooh and ahh over. Look but don’t lurk! FunFurde: This is a very straightforward and simple sight, which I like, but the contents of the posts just weren’t my style. Most of the furniture featured here is much too modern and artsy for my taste. When I look at furniture and think “I just don’t get it,” I tend to head straight for my mouse…click. I’m afraid Turkey-Lurky lives here. GrassrootsModern: This blog is a nice balance of words and photos - it may sound silly but I like reading about what it is I’m looking at and why the blogger thinks I should look at it. Additionally, this site covers a wide array of topics, not just furniture and design but also cool other stuff like an LED watches and cool birdhouses. I like it when I find neat surprises and am introduced to great things I might otherwise have never heard of. Time to go, but leaving my comment card on this one.