Mad Men and Vintage 60s Style

From on September 05, 2008 in General

mad menDoes it ever seem like before we can go forward, we tend to go back first? Maybe that’s why shows based in bygone eras are so popular. For Don Draper, top ad exec for a New York advertising company, life is a dog-eat-dog world. If you have been watching this “Mad Men” character, you’ve probably been impressed with how precisely 60s the writers for the show have come. Everyone talks, acts, and dresses 1960.

I remember the 60s, but I was still little and not fully aware of the times. History classes in school helped me realize what dramatic changes were happening in the world. The show touches on all those events in ways that touched average American businessmen and their families. Not only are you wowed, at least I was the first time I watched the show, with how the actors are perfectly matched to the times they are portraying, but the set itself is precise.

I know vintage and retro have been a growing trend. My 28-year-old son lives in a house built in the 1800s and his furnishings are retro. I’ve also just realized that this style is actually being called “mid-century.” Ouch. So if you are interested in remodeling or furnishing your home in 50s or 60s style, you might look at sites with key wording of “mid-century” and not just retro or vintage.

If you are old enough, you will remember, and if you are not, here are some things to know about the times. It was all about rich, bold, and vibrant in color on walls, posters, textiles, and furnishings. Patterns and crazy designs were in everything, but clean lines were also a possibility. Homes were spacious with large rooms, either for big families or entertainment, with coffee tables, end tables, built-in shelves, bookcases, and even desks. It seemed like everything was big – big windows, big views, and even big fireplaces. There was a lot of rock and brick on the outside and plenty of carpeting and drapes on the inside.

Today, the translation is more like the Jetsons meet the Brady Bunch style. I love it. Quality was a big deal back then, and today quality is demanded. Mix energy efficiency and green technology with bold and rich colors and you will have the “best” of two worlds: today’s modern and “mid-century” lifestyle.

Right now Don is working on a campaign for a cigarette company and the word is getting out that smoking could be dangerous to your health. Keep watching and see how he is going to handle this, among all his other problems.