License Plates and Bumper Stickers for the Avid (and humorous) Remodeler

From on January 15, 2009 in General

There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love personalized license plates, bumper stickers, and other portable graffiti…and those who don’t. If you are of the former category then this blog’s for you. You may find some of these funny or you may not. I just hope you find a few of them a little bit clever. One thing I’ll say for all you remodeling homeowners who may already have personalized license plates; it is not easy to come up with ideas. The license plate is a limited canvas with which to work, so my admiration goes out to all you brave souls who’ve taken the time to express yourselves in such an official, Alpha-Bravo-Charlie kind of way. Following are my best attempts at creative automobile-remodeler identification. Enjoy! (Watch Your Step…)

License Plates


Or how about these ones?

  • REMDLR 1
  • I ? SWDST
  • IMA TOOL (Just kidding…Don’t do it!)

Bumper Stickers

bumper sticker

  • My Favorite Table is a Saw
  • Eat My Sawdust
  • Beware of Log (for all you log cabin homeowners)
  • Has Anyone Seen My Kitchen?
  • My Three Homes: The Office, The Workbench, The Hospital
  • The furniture’s out on the lawn, The walls are ripped out, Now all I need to do is buy the place.
  • Remodeling: A game of S#%ts and Ladders

I would love to know your ideas and/or experiences in fashionable homeowner plating and bumper sticking as well!