How much energy do those video games use?

From on January 02, 2009 in General

Video Games

I’ve never understood video and computer games. I’ve always been much more interested in living and experiencing life than staring at a screen pretending to live in a fantasy. My favorite example of the absurdity of these games is a commercial that can be seen on many networks this holiday season. The commercial begins with a gorgeous landscape complete with rolling green fields and gushing water. The camera spans to a beautiful, window-encased house sitting atop a hill overlooking a picturesque scene. The camera then enters the house to find two girls sitting in a luxurious room, apparently on vacation. They begin discussing what the other would like to do that day, shopping, hiking, etc. You then see that they are actually playing a video game with a surreal world, completely ignoring the resort-like setting they are in. The point of the commercial is to demonstrate how captivating the game is to where you don’t even notice your surroundings. Pretty sad in my book. Just imagine how many hours so many American children spend living in a fantasy world. This is just my opinion, but here is one actual fact regarding video games that no-one can dispute.

According to a recent study conducted by The Natural Resources Defense Council and Eco Consulting, video game consoles consume a collective 16 billion kilowatt-hours per year nationwide. That is close to the total amount of electricity used for the whole city of San Diego in one year. Video games are a growing phenomenon in this country. So much so that some will actually sleep outside of Wal-Mart for days in advance of the release of the most recent model of the Sony Playstation.

So how do we combat this secret contributor to global warming? The study suggested the manufacturers of the consoles install some power-saving modes, but maybe we can all reduce our time spent in oblivion and spend just a little more in reality.