House Psychics

From on February 13, 2009 in General


Why would someone consult a psychic about a house? I suppose we’ve all heard stories about haunted houses and maybe even seen that TV show about the scientifically-oriented team that checks different places for signs of “disembodied presences.” But what other reasons might there be?

Here are some of many house-related questions that people might ask:

  • Should I buy that particular house?
  • What kind of house – and where – would best suit me now?
  • Is it a good idea to build a second-story addition on this house?
  • Why can’t we ever seem to get rid of the ant problem for once and for all?
  • Are there things I should know about this neighborhood before investing in an extensive remodeling job on this house?

There are lots of ways to go about discovering answers to those questions – and consulting a psychic is certainly one of them. Especially considering how long people have been attracted to psychic phenomena and getting the occasional reading from a psychic of some variety or another. And you may have heard about the growing number of pet psychics, too – readers who pet owners turn to for advice on understanding their pets. So, why not ask a psychic for advice about house-related things? I’m not recommending that approach, but on the other hand, if you’re so inclined, why not?

According to Psychic Source, which has been in business for 20 years, “Since the beginning of recorded history, humans have looked for oracles…ways to understand, interpret and obtain a deeper meaning of events. Many of the tools used in modern psychic readings have their roots in Egyptian, Grecian and Roman civilizations. Over thousands of years gifted, natural born Psychics and talented scholars have studied and learned to use these tools in psychic readings. In modern times, the spiritualist movement in the late 1800’s and contemporary ‘new age’ movement have continued to evolve psychic practices.” With their dozens of clairvoyants and other types of psychic readers, I imagine this specialized group has dealt with many house-related issues and questions.

Consider The House Whisperers—Christian Kyriacou and Sandy Humby. Information on the UK-based program’s website tells readers that Christian “is a successful Chartered Architect, Interior Designer, and Feng Shui Consultant who has worked on major design projects from Kew College School to Heathrow Airport. He has worked on over 666 homes in the last 13 years and changed the lives of many people, often with staggering results, resolving issues which did not seem possible by normal everyday means.” If you can tear yourself away from the website, you can link to You Tube videos featuring both Christian and Sandy (whose focus is energy work), and learn some intriguing things about houses from a psychic’s point of view. Not to mention how many people are consulting them.

In times of turbulence and uncertainty, there is always an increase in interest in supernatural phenomena. People become curious and look for answers in places they may not have considered looking before. Since people and their homes are so intimately connected, consulting a psychic about house-related issues might not seem so far fetched after all.