Home Repair on the Run: Easy Home Repairs You Can Do in 30 Minutes or Less

From on September 08, 2008 in General

gutter cleaningLike so many of us, you’re busy. You’re struggling to balance work and family while keeping your home in tiptop shape. After a while, your unintended mantra becomes, “So much to do, so little time.” But who says you need time to get home repairs done? Here are some quick and easy repairs you can do during down time or fit into your lunch break:

  1. Squeaky Hinges. This is one of those annoying maintenance problems. Most of the time it is a matter of rust and friction. Use WD-40 to clean the hinge pin and some lubricant (2-cycle oil or the like) to grease it up and get the door flowing smoothly again. No sweat!
  2. Clean the gutters. The more you keep up on this one, the faster it goes. Take a broom, small shovel, or a good pair of gloves up on the roof and keep rain water flowing where it should and gutters free of sags and bends. Sticks and branches are gutter enemies. Cleaning out debris and trimming branches are easy maintenance chores.
  3. Insulate plumbing. Exposed and sweating pipes are a problem in households all over the world, and yet an easy fix. Pipe insulation can be found at your local hardware store. The best stuff (with peel-and-stick design) will cost up to five or six dollars a foot, but you probably won’t need very much. If you want the cheaper stuff, that’s fine too; just pick up some tape to hold it all together.
  4. Nail holes in drywall. Holes and blemishes on your walls are easier to fix than you might think. Nail or screw holes are the most common, plus those unsightly bumps and scratches from children and furniture moving. Lightweight spackling is the easy solution here. It’s easy to spread with a putty knife, dries fast, and is easy to sand and paint. Let it dry thoroughly to be sure you don’t need another coat before applying paint.
  5. Sticky windows. Here’s an easy fix not too many people know about. Many homeowners put up with windows that barely open or close. Most times this is just a problem of dust and junk built up in the slides up and down the window. Squirt some silicone spray into a rag and wipe up and down the slides. This will work for most types of windows, including wood, metal, and vinyl.

It’s amazing the things you can get done in the time it takes for pizza to arrive! If you start with these five quick and easy tasks, I bet you’ll start seeing little things all over the place, your confidence will build, and you’ll be a DIY veteran in no time. For those bigger tasks, look to CalFinder for free estimates from local, pre-screened contractors.