Fancy Frames for our Flying Pets

From on August 08, 2008 in General

designer aviaries cageI suppose that if I’m going to write about Reptilian Remodeling, I may as well cover their prehistoric cousins; Birds. Now, we’ve all seen the old Tweety Bird cartoons, and we all know canary cages, bird houses, and the like. But what about fancy bird enclosures? Where do function and fashion meet for our airborne pets? Fascinated, I put my “web-worn” hands to work at finding some real custom bird cages; at finding some ideas that toed the line between cage and furniture. Here are some of my avian accumulations:

  • The first one I found was an immediate favorite. Sold by Designer Aviaries, these custom enclosures are more like bird mansions. They are made of solid Oak or Cherry with interiors completely lined with metal and wire, all powder-coated, so that the bird can’t damage the wood. The cages are beautifully crafted, and although not inexpensive they are certainly worth a look.
  • The Birdcage Backpack. Another amazing find! This portable aviary is a small mesh enclosure that fits over your shoulders just like your typical backpack. Except that it looks like you can wear this baby on the front too! Just think…now you can take your parrot for a walk.
  • Building Your Own Bird Enclosure. After those two finds I quickly ran out of luck. But I was already sure I could build my own fancy enclosure. Although I make it a point to know birds in the wild, I must admit I have never had a pet bird and I am certainly no expert in that field. Nonetheless, my head swam with ideas (like an indoor/outdoor enclosure—can birds open doors?). But seriously, there is some good information out there on building your own bird enclosures. Important factors are cage size, wire size, and wire thickness. Mostly you’ll find the basics of cage building and, once you have these down, you make it as fancy as you like.
  • Let me know about all your fun and fancy ideas!

    Photo Credit: Designer Aviaries