Fancy Floral Toilets and Big Green Kitchens

From on October 02, 2007 in General

Floral ToiletsThis week in blogs, you will find everything from learning how to build your own water heater to finding a bidet decorated with bright pink floral designs. You will also learn the answer to a puzzling culinary question: Are spacious kitchens environmentally friendly?

As it turns out, it costs less than five dollars to build your own water heater using easy-to-find, recycled material, such as wood, aluminum, a pane of glass, and an old door mat. More “complex” needs, if you can call them that, include scissors, the back of a small refrigerator, and duct tape. After following a few innovative steps outlined by Instructables you will have the tools to build a sun-powered heating system that can boil cold water to over 110 degrees F in just a couple of hours.

Now for something brand new: geometric toilets and bidets with electric floral patterns from Art Ceram. The bathroom fixtures are designed as contemporary sets with matching designs that flow from one fixture to the next, first as a detailed flower, then as a streak of yellow, white, or gray color. Find these original designs at Trendir.

Finally, which is greener: a small, cramped kitchen, or a spacious one? Jeff Holloway finds out on K+BB Green. Bigger kitchens may require bigger appliances, which can use more energy. On the other hand, open spaces mean less walls and shared light, saving energy on light usage. An open space can also cross ventilate more easily, which saves on AC usage as well. In the end, the blog advocates a “whole-house” approach, using environmentally preferable materials for the elements in every room.