Double-Duty Furniture

From on July 10, 2009 in General


If there’s one thing I’m known for it’s multitasking, and if there’s one thing I can appreciate, it’s furniture or other household items that can do the same. And I’m not just talking about my every surface that doubles as an occasional ironing board. One of my biggest rules about “stuff” coming into my house is that it MUST have a function (preferably one we’ll actually use). Bring me something that’s multi-functional and I’m sold.

On Small Space Style, a table was profiled that definitely got my wheels turning. This large, sleek table is simple in design and elegant enough for hosting a dinner party or just feeding your family every evening. During the day it’s used as an office desk and even has handy cubbies under the table top for storing books, papers, and other office supplies.

squat.jpgUpon first glance of this little bench/table/shelf unit, I nearly decided it wasn’t worth a second glance. Luckily, I did look back and once I saw what it looked like in a room setting, I must admit it’s really nifty and cute. It has two shelf niches set on the floor, topped with a long, narrow surface. You can use the surface as a bench or a table top.

With two units stacked on top of each other you’ve got a larger storage shelf, but alone you can still do so much with it. Each bench separately can make a unique Japanese-style dining table or work area. With a table top of laminated birch plywood and legs of aluminum, this simple design idea lends itself to much diversity in the home.

murphybed.jpgI’m sure you’ve all seen (and probably made fun of) the old-fashioned Murphy bed. But hold your mind open; there’s now a Murphy bed that offers sleek design for stow-away that not only hides the bed, it transforms the space into a whole other room plan. These are great for tight areas and homes with not enough bedrooms for guests, or a studio apartment. This Design & Comfort brand of Murphy bed looks like the standard version we’ve all seen before, but when you flip the bed up you see that a couch was hidden on the underside as part of the support for the bed and what were the legs holding up the foot of the bed is now a stationary shelf unit above the couch. Your guest room just became a cozy little nook in the living room.

While we’re all crazy for the latest fads in green living, remember that one of the best ways to become more eco-friendly is to find new uses for things we already own. These double-duty pieces of furniture are great, but so may be some of the pieces you already own, so take another look at them and see if you can’t unfold the mystery of what ELSE they may be able to do in your home.