Getting Rid of Bugs, the Nice Way

From on December 19, 2008 in General

Daddy Long Legs

Like most women, I’m not really a fan of any insects creeping and crawling around my house. There is no shortage of harmful and annoying insects that can move in uninvited. Most everyone gets pesky mosquitoes, little black ants, moths, and an occasional spider. Many of us encounter more hostile intruders such as roaches, dangerous spiders and sometimes deadly kissing beetles.

If you are unfortunate to meet some of these little critters, there are safe and natural methods of extermination.

Begin by sealing your home as tightly as possible.

Look for possible locations where the insects may be entering. Kissing beetles breed and thrive in rodent nests, so it may not hurt to inspect your home for signs of rodents. There are insect traps that attract and trap the insects, such as ants and moths. Spice up your home with some of these herb mixes, specially designed to deter insects and rodents.

There are also helpful insects that you can draw upon as allies.

Although you probably would prefer not to have any insects in your home, at least these shouldn’t get the boot too quickly. You may also encourage their procreation outside of your home to keep up with the populations of harmful insects. Dragonflies eat approximately 600 insects per day. Ladybugs thrive on aphids and knits. As long as they are not dangerous, the average spider actually consumes around 2,000 insects each year. Even though spiders are technically an arachnid, they still qualify in my book as unwanted insects. Personally, I’ll take a dragonfly any day over spiders, but it’s up to you. So before you call a terminator who will resort to harmful chemical treatments, try out a few of these more natural avenues. Photo Credit: AussieGall