Best Background Music for Remodeling

From on May 26, 2009 in General

headset.jpgPhoto credit: aloshbennett

Okay, so not everybody relishes the joyous cacophony of swinging hammers, the piercing whine of table saws in action, or the dull aural destruction of the firing nail gun. For one, wear ear protection. For two, find some excellent background music to smooth over the arhythmic ruckus of remodeling.

Yet it’s hard to find a more subjective subject than the best background music for remodeling. Although, being at least a decent fan of all types of music, I can say I’ve experimented on many jobsites. I’ve tried everything from classical to hip hop to country-western.

It’s no secret that rock-and-roll, or classic rock, rules the remodeling music world. I’m convinced that a multitude of radio stations nationwide are surviving solely as a result of the nostalgic, fist-pumping anthems that peppered the rock landscape for much of the last 30 years. But does that make classic rock the best background music?

Perhaps, it is certainly familiar and high energy: two important factors that can make a day of remodeling go by smoother and faster. It’s hard to argue in favor of a waltz when Eddie Van Halen is shredding through the airwaves. Still, the operative term is high energy. If it’s you working, all you need for background is a music that encourages focus and enthusiasm. I have friends that could continuously work for days with naught but a jazz tune to carry them through. I’ve also known contractors who thrived on talk radio. Quite frankly, the best way to figure the best background music for remodeling is to, well, remodel.

If all else fails, you can simply take the advice of those famed Disney little men and “whistle while you work…”