10 Different Ways to Use Baskets around the House

From on January 06, 2009 in General

Wicker Baskets

I have a thing for baskets; there is just something appealing about their many woven shapes and sizes that draws me to them. They can fill so many different purposes, some decorative, some practical. Here are 10 of my favorite uses for baskets:

  1. Laundry Hamper. Hampers aren’t necessarily the most attractive item in your house, but absolutely necessary. Make yours less of an eyesore and buy one made out of basket material.
  2. Kids’ Toy Box. A large basket is easy for kids to access and makes it even easier for them to clean up after themselves.
  3. Magazines. A taller basket works well for placing magazines at the end of couches or in bathrooms.
  4. Fruit Bowl. Grace your table or countertop with a basket full of fruit.
  5. Plant Pots. Baskets with a plastic liner make for a decorative plant pot.
  6. Towel Storage in Bathrooms. For that bathroom lacking in storage, try placing a large basket in a corner for towel storage. A small one on the sink or back of the toilet works well for decorative soaps.
  7. By the Front Door. A basket on a table by the front door makes a quick drop spot for keys, bills, etc. A larger basket on the floor can hold shoes or house slippers.
  8. Shelf Organizers. Small baskets work wonders on open shelves for organization, especially in children’s rooms.
  9. Pet Beds. Cats and dogs alike love the protective embrace of a large basket surrounded by a warm cushion.
  10. Serving Trays. Use baskets to serve warm bread, rolls, or appetizers.

I think one of the reasons I love baskets so much is because they are so versatile. They provide an attractive way to disguise and organize clutter and look great pretty much anywhere.