7 Uses for Glass Block

From on June 16, 2008 in General

According to Philip Kristianson of Sierra Glass Block, glass block is far more versatile than homeowners may realize. Recognized primarily for its application in creating frosty, elegant doors for the walk-in bathroom, glass block has numerous other possibilities. In addition, glass block is strong, even used as the material for hurricane windows in Florida. “We have blocks that will withstand multiple gunshots from a 44 magnum,” Kristianson says. “We also have glass blocks that have 45, 60, and 90 minute fire ratings.” Kristianson adds that wavy Decora has by far been the most popular glass block design for the past 60 years.

Check out the following ideas for using Decora or another variety of glass block throughout your home.

1. Make your entryway standout
Glass block entry

2. As an attractive handrail
Glass block hand rail

3. Entertain with a luminous home bar
Glass block home bar

4. Give your kitchen counter a little character
Glass block kitchen counter

5. Combine with a slider window to control ventilation and viewing
Glass block with slider

6. Use 3” solid glass blocks for high-end shower applications
Glass block shower

7. For those on a budget, start with a glass block vase or piggybank, then upgrade to 2’ x 3’ glass block window with vinyl frame and nail fin for a $250 bargain

Now that you know more about glass block’s potential, consult with your bathroom or kitchen contractor about installing the product during your next remodel.