7 Home Gadgets for the Digital Age

From on March 26, 2009 in General


We are in the midst of a digital age. An age in which technology advances so fast that it is difficult to keep up with. In fact several of the gadgets linked below, as avant-garde as they might seem, may be rendered obsolete by this time next year. Still, here are 10 cool gadgets—some for your next remodel, others for relaxing when it’s all done—that are bound to have an impact on our daily lives in years to come.

  1. Digital Stud Finders are fairly common these days, but the Toptronic Smart Sensor is quite the tool, able to locate metal, studs, and AC wires within the wall.
  2. Solar Charger. The Eton FR500 Solar Link is the new generation of solar charger, offering an AM/FM shortwave radio, NOAA weatherband, flashlight, siren, and cell phone charger all in one.
  3. The Digital Grocery List. This Voice-Activated Grocery List Maker from SmartShopper will eliminate aimless supermarket wandering from your shopping routine. Simply speak your needs and the device will print out a list when you’re ready to go to the store.
  4. The Digital Inspection Camera from Milwaukee revolutionizes the way we locate leaks, wires, and anything else behind drywall.
  5. 77-920_web_detail.jpg
  6. Laser Distance Measurers like the Stanley Tru-Laser Professional Distance Measurer with digital readout use laser technology to easily measure distances at accuracy within 1/8” at 100 feet…the tape measure of the future?
  7. Blu-Ray DVD Players have officially won the Hi-Def wars and are sure to expand in popularity and ability. The LG BD390 player offers web-connectivity that allows you to stream content from Netflix, YouTube and other sites directly to your TV.
  8. sleeptracker-pro01.jpg
  9. The Alarm Watch from SleepTracker actually monitors your sleep patterns in order to revolutionize the alarm clock. You set it to awake you during a certain period of time and it goes off when you are in a light sleep and more likely to wake up for good.