5 Ways to Thank an Awesome Contractor

From on June 03, 2008 in General

craftsmanshipThere are many responsible, hardworking contractors out there who perform superior work. Unfortunately, some untrustworthy ones along the way have created a bad stereotype of the typical contractor that the good ones have to work hard to overcome. When your home turns out looking as good or even better than you envisioned, you may look for ways to adequately thank your remodeling contractor. Why not do something a little extra to show your appreciation? Here are five possibilities:

1. Sometimes a heart-felt thank you goes a long way. Throughout the course of a project, you end-up making several demands of your contractor, and a grateful attitude at the end can let them know their hard work hasn’t gone unappreciated.

2. Give then a small bonus. When budgeting for a renovation project, it is always wise to budget in an additional 10-15% for unforeseen or hidden costs. If everything goes well, maybe you can afford to give your contractor a small bonus.

3. Submit a letter to the local newspaper expressing your satisfaction. Normally, we only resort to this avenue when we are displeased about something and want the community to know. Why not report on something good for a change?

4. Just mention your experience when you are out and about, especially around the local building supply, county offices, carpeting store, etc. They may not actively refer contractors, but you’d be surprised how many pay attention to local reputations. Sometimes, customers will ask unofficially for a recommendation; and if a business has heard good things about a contractor, they may tell the customer to check into it further.

5. Many contractors rely on their reputations for repeat and referral business. Perhaps the greatest way you can thank your contractor is to refer them, and the referral company that you used, to your friends and family.