15 Favorite DIY Blogs

From on May 27, 2008 in General

What makes a great DIY blog? A unique perspective, a personal touch, lots of good information, and pictures to boot? I say all of the above. Here are some DIY blogs that are well worth a regular visit.

Remodeling This Life

  1. Remodeling This Life. Emily and Drew chronicle their everyday adventures of buying their home, tearing it all down practically, and remodeling with their own hands. This blog highlights the rewards and satisfaction from remodeling yourself.
  2. Small Space Style. Small spaces are the focus of this blog, and they deserve the attention! Every post is related to remodeling; no photos of the blogger’s niece’s cousin’s boyfriend or a recent trip to Vegas. There are lots of good pictures, and the postings are related to the images, easily digestible, and give a small tidbit of something you can take away, even if it’s just a little bit of inspiration for your remodel.
  3. Dear Cottage Living. Cottages get front and center here. These cozy homes are hip in a day and age when small also means a smaller carbon footprint. You’ll get images of various cottage styles, as well as interactive posts on some of the issues they come with.
  4. Bungalow ’23. Personal and specific, these posts cover everything from hazards to paint removal to plumbing to windowboxes. Great for practical advice and solutions to bungalow woes.
  5. So … I Married the Contractor. The title is a bit gimmicky, but the content is true to life and down to earth.
  6. Petal Pusher. A useful gardening blog. Kate Karam knows her flowers and has interesting recommendations, such as rainwater collectors and scanning your blooms under maximum resolution.
  7. Pardon Our Dust. A renowned site for remodeling wisdom and So-Cal tales, with consistently thoughtful and helpful posts, including some great editorials from contributors.
  8. Brevard Green Homes. For homeowners interested in being green, a good blog with green products, green construction, and energy efficiency categories.
  9. Helpful Advice for Home Construction Improvement. Really do-it-yourself oriented, covering every area of the home.
  10. Newborn House. Check out this brave couple’s DIY struggles and triumphs. Their “before” pics are intimidating enough to brave you up for your own projects.
  11. One Project Closer. With tips, advice, reviews, experiences, and more, this site is geared toward getting you “one project closer” to your ideal home.
  12. The Constant Craftsman. For detailed and knowledgeable posts on Craftsman style homes.
  13. House in Progress. For your own house-in-progress, Aaron and Jeannie offer relatable posts chronicling their own remodeling experiences.
  14. Charles and Hudson. A well-known resource for homeowners, and for good reason!
  15. SF Gate Home & Garden. One of my favorite regional posts, the topics covered are original and a great universal resource.
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Got a favorite DIY blog? Send us a comment: tell us and other homeowners what you like and why!