100 Home Remodeling Twirps

From on June 11, 2009 in General


I was under the impression that EVERYBODY tweets, but ever since I signed up on Twitter I’ve been getting emails from people asking me how it works. It’s really easy and very cool. All you have to do is sign up, give yourself a Twitter ID (like JEHeyns - if you’re me) and start updating your page with your thoughts, links, ideas, or whatever you want - as long as it’s in 140 characters or less.

Even if you have nothing to say, you can look up people to “follow” and see what they’re up to. There are scads of people Tweeting about home remodeling, for instance. While you may not get all of your answers about your latest project in 140 characters or less, most of the remodeling professionals have links to their sites or articles they’ve written or other items that might interest you.

  • Tim Carter is on Twitter. You may know him as the Ask the Builder guy. He’s got tons of updates on what he’s doing and answers to lots of DIY questions about remodeling. You can even Tweet or DM (direct message) him with questions of your own.
  • AK Renovations has loaded their page with tons of photos of remodels and their Tweets are filled with links to building newsletters and articles on remodeling topics.
  • BuildItGreen is somewhat new to Twitter, but they’re quickly adding Tweets about various green building expos and conferences and information about supplies that need to be recycled.
  • Home remodeling coach Charlie E. Nail sends out regular Tweets on snippets of remodeling advice and links to his blog, where he has very nicely written his own posts on remodeling topics and how-tos on projects.
  • Denise Holtby has a more personal approach to Twitter. She gives snippets into her family life and the projects she and her husband tackle as well as links to articles and items that address project issues.
  • EcoHome Magazine is on Twitter, too with one of their editors writing about what she’s up to as well as Tweets about national issues like building laws, tax incentives, and solar technology.
  • Lately, everywhere I turn I bump into something about Gaiam on the Internet. Well, they’re on Twitter, too, talking about composting, refinishing reclaimed furniture, even Yoga. Three of their “people” take turns Tweeting about all sorts of sustainable products and practices.
  • Sustainability consultant, Susan Davis has set herself up on Twitter as the GreenPointCoach. She’s got updates on fairs and expos on sustainability and green remodeling happenings taking place around the San Francisco Bay area.
  • HomeSavvi is Tweeting from Seattle with news on home remodeling that anyone can benefit from and updates on left coast happenings. They are committed to keeping their followers up to date with kitchen and bath design news, expert advice, online tools, and remodel trends.
  • HomeFixated.com has a somewhat comical approach to Tweeting while still offering lots of advice on remodeling topics, tips for DIYers, heads’ up on contests relevant to building, and remodeling and links to articles on fixing up your home.
  • Jenny Wagner is an Associated Content writer who posts updates about home improvement, eco-living and mixes it up with personal views on life and parenting. She’s fun and informational with links to her blog and articles as well as other information on the web that you might find handy.
  • Lauren Hunter is and editor for Remodeling Products and has Tweets about remodeling products, projects, and links to info about all of it. I even noticed a notice about product rebates.
  • Senior Editor of Remodeling Magazine, Leah Thayer is Tweeting about the bigger picture. She’s got links to items that affect us all like NAHB news, lending institutions and the building industry, and recession news.
  • NARI (National Association of the Remodeling Industry) is on Twitter, too. They have regular updates with NARI news, which covers pretty much everything under the sun that pertains to remodeling all across the nation.
  • Paul Brinkmann is a reporter for the Business Journals who writes about green business strategies. His Tweets aren’t always about remodeling, but they’re interesting snippets on various green topics like drought conditions, bankruptcy, fossil fuels, and tax credits.
  • QualitySmith is set up to help homeowners find qualified and quality contractors to help them with their home improvement project. While they’re doing that, they’re also Tweeting about tax credits, air quality, and saving money on utility bills.
  • Terminal Gravity is a great Twitter buddy to have, especially if you’re out there in left field (I mean the west coast). Their Tweets are basically classified ads for building supplies people are trying to recycle instead of filling landfills. Great way to find materials for a project.
  • Ramsay Renovations of northern Virginia specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling but Tweets about the latest news and trends covering the full spectrum of remodeling topics. There are links on every Tweet to some sort of article, news piece, product review, etc.

Of course, I couldn’t write this without mentioning that CalFinder Remodeling is also on Twitter and since I’m reporting on remodeling Tweets, you should know that you can find us under the Tweet ID: @remodeling. (Never bite the hand that feeds ya, folks!)

Here are 100 links on Twitter that you might want to check out:

  1. @2Modern
  2. @AdvanceBuilders
  3. @AGreenThumb
  4. @AKRenovations
  5. @arcabode
  6. @askthebathman
  7. @askthebuilder
  8. @bbcinteriors
  9. @biasc
  10. @bonterrahomes
  11. @build2sustain
  12. @builditgreen
  13. @BurchBuilders
  14. @chadkreutz
  15. @Charles_Hudson
  16. @CharlieENail
  17. @chrischeatham
  18. @christopher1929
  19. @construcconsult
  20. @Craig_O
  21. @daveshomerepair
  22. @DeniseHoltby
  23. @diyanswerguy
  24. @diyyourhouse
  25. @ecohaus
  26. @ecohomemagazine
  27. @EcoLifeCoach
  28. @elaineishere
  29. @envirolet
  30. @EverydayEnviro
  31. @FLOR
  32. @Gaiam
  33. @GeoDirectory
  34. @greendecoder
  35. @greenintel
  36. @GreenPointCoach
  37. @greenwombat
  38. @guildquality
  39. @Handyguys
  40. @handymannetwork
  41. @healthyhouse
  42. @hihut
  43. @HomeDepot
  44. @homeevolutions
  45. @homefixated
  46. @homeintel
  47. @HomeProsPhil
  48. @homesavvi
  49. @HomeValu
  50. @HootsGroup
  1. @Houston_Remodel
  2. @indybuilders
  3. @inmod
  4. @Integrity_Door
  5. @Iosa
  6. @jasonlarson
  7. @jasyjen
  8. @jbcontractors
  10. @jmichaelwarner
  11. @Johnherbert
  12. @JTGoldberg
  13. @lacyjscott
  14. @LaurenHunter_HW
  15. @LeahThayer
  16. @Lowes
  17. @MelResDes
  18. @michaelanschel
  19. @MillennialLivin
  20. @ModernImageAZ
  21. @MonsterHP
  22. @MyHireItDone
  23. @NARI_National
  24. @NewEarth4Energy
  25. @OG_Riverwood
  26. @PaulBrinkmann
  27. @pcbc_TheShow
  28. @Pella_News
  29. @QualifiedRemod
  30. @QualitySmith
  31. @rdratliff
  32. @ReBuildingCtr
  33. @reclaimedhome
  34. @recyclebank
  35. @Red_Apple_Renov
  36. @remodelers
  37. @remodeling
  38. @RemodelingRecon
  39. @renovation
  40. @reusehawaii
  41. @ReusePortland
  42. @robertbanks
  43. @RT_StLouis
  44. @SusanSerraCKD
  45. @sustainword
  46. @SweetEdit
  47. @terminalgra vity
  48. @TravertineMart
  49. @usgbc
  50. @VArenovations