10 Things You Can Do around the House While the Laundry’s On

From on December 02, 2008 in General

If you are constantly busy, like I am, then you don’t necessarily want to multi-task all day long. Doing laundry alone feels like getting something done, so while last week’s dirty socks and jammies toss around in the warm cycle, the first of 20 possibilities that flash through my mind are (Tell us what you do while running the washer and dryer by adding a comment.):

1. Do nothing

…I mean nothing. Zone out for ½ an hour or take a nap.

2. Paint my toenails

because I can’t afford a pedicure these days. Luckily, it’s not sandal season.

3. Play “Go Fish” and “Old Maid”

with my daughter. And no, I never let her win on purpose. Did I ever tell you how much she cracks me up? Even when she pretends she is not cheating.

4. Get into the novel

I’m currently reading. This week, it’s Kafka on the Shore.

5. Check my email.

It’s the devil and I can’t stop.
For the most part, though, laundry is catch-up time. By the time my entire family’s clothes, towels, and sheets have accrued, other things have likely started cluttering up the house. Usually, laundry is the first step, and while waiting to put the wash in the dryer, put the dried clothes in the hamper, or put the next load in the wash, you can be productive, say in the kitchen:

6. Do the dishes.

Hopefully you’ve got an energy efficient dishwasher to load. If you don’t have a dishwasher, it’ll save you money not to let the water run, as I sometimes like to do because it feels like a warm spa on my hands.

7. Fix a leaky faucet.

Speaking of water running needlessly, fixing your leaky kitchen faucet can take as little as 15 minutes if all you need to do is screw on a new washer. You’ll be just in time to get it done and throw a load into the dryer.

8. Sweep the kitchen floor.

This will leave you plenty of time to get to the next item, which is…

9. Clean out the fridge.

You’ll feel better about yourself afterwards, especially when you find that moldy sour cream on the bottom, back shelf. If you have time to sponge the shelves off afterward, go for it.

10. Sit back and have some tea.

If you got through 1-4 by the time the dryer’s done, you deserve it. Notice how I don’t believe in overworking?