10 DIY Blogs on Our Recommended List

From on July 14, 2009 in General

There’s always a little bit of intrigue the “Before and After” photos of any kind—bodies, cars, hair-dos, and homes. But the most interesting part is in the details, which are, sadly, often left to the imagination. We’ve found some great remodeling blogs, though, that don’t just give remodeling tips and advice, they actually present whole projects to you one step at a time so that you can see the process through from beginning to transformed end. Kathy’s Remodeling Blog is filled with tons of posts about remodeling, green remodeling, product recalls, and more. The link here will show you a kitchen remodel, which takes over many posts to see the project through, but is a great reference for some great remodeling, along with some real-life experience of project “don’ts.” ohbungalow.jpgOh, Bungalow has lots of great information on small home improvement projects, even some on gardening as well. Topics are virtually unlimited and include everything from porch swings and plumbing to dining rooms and drywall. The blog even has a blogroll filled with other DIY blogs. The DIY Diva definitely adds a bit of funk and character to the subject of home remodeling—but she obviously knows what she’s doing, too (except for the sparkler post—no offense, girl). She’s got great perspective on how to plan out major remodels to help you see your way to the project’s potential. house_and_home.jpgFrom the Burbs: House and Home has great detail about the home improvement projects one couple is making to their bungalow in the ‘burbs. You can see their photos of before, during, and after on several projects, including installing a water line and sprinkler system, window replacement, exterior roof overhang removal, and more. Mike & Angie’s Restoration Project is pretty much just as it sounds—a blog about a couple restoring their 1850s farmhouse. They show you snippets from their projects and tell you how it’s going, choices they’ve made, successes and failures on projects like landscaping, kitchens, painting, and more. Another great aspect of this blog is that they have pages for other things as well like “Home Projects by Area,” “Interesting Facts,” and “Pre-Purchase Pics,” which you might find helpful as well. ourcasa.bmpOur Casa Reveal is a very interesting blog about another old bungalow being remodeled. This couple obviously bought the house from some very flamboyant characters and have great pix of where they started (including an orange family room and a glass and ceramic tiled kitchen) as well as great slide shows of the process they took to accomplish some of the tasks on their DIY to-do list. Simpson’s Folly is a blog by a man who, and I quote, lives to annoy his friends and family AND work on his house. His posts are very detailed and photos very clear. His most recent posts walk you through renovations to his basement, powder room, and bathroom. This Young House is a fun blog about a young couple who’ve done all sorts of remodeling projects. They have a separate tab for How-To’s and one glance at it will show you that they have info on tons of remodeling projects like Pimp Your Laundry Room, Add a Dining Area to Your Living Room, and Refinish a Hardwood Floor. (This Young House JUST announced that the blog will not continue.) Making it Lovely is a sweet blog about small renovations captured on the web by a woman transforming her Illinois bungalow. You can see lighting projects, removing a popcorn ceiling, home décor projects, and even her adventures with FLOR carpet tiles. Although she’s become a little obsessed with her latest project (2-month old baby Eleanor - and she’s so cute, who could blame her?), a peek through the archives will bring more renovation-related posts. Old House Web is unique in that it has a staff of contributing writers with different specialties and perspectives on the remodeling industry. From projects to products and plans to pricing, you can find it all somewhere in this vast blog.