Your House Address, Your Neighborhood Mark

From on April 24, 2009 in General Remodel

Although most counties have codes and regulations for marking your home’s address, there is tremendous variety in signage and numbers available—one more element open to you for adding your individual touch to your home. address-numbers.jpgPhoto Credit: dhepnar Before we get to the fun part of exploring different address display options, it’s reassuring to know that some of the code requirements you might discover in your area have to do with making your home readily identifiable by Emergency and 911 (E-911) service providers. These requirements include such things as:

  • Height of the numbers
  • Reflectorized numbers
  • The location of the numbers on the house
  • If the distance of the house from the road is over a certain number of feet, the numbers must be posted on a stake or mailbox at the beginning of the road

Check your local 911 codes for details so your primary address signage is in compliance with requirements. Then, if you want additional signage that’s more “you,” you can express your creativity while knowing that you and your family are set up to receive the most efficient response from emergency service providers. Should the need arise, they can find your home easily and quickly.

house-numbers-165.jpgPhoto Credit: scissorhands33

Many companies specializing in decorative home address signage are well aware of the need to meet code requirements and take this into account in their product designs. Here are some resources for you to browse in your home address signage shopping adventures:

Mailbox and Beyond has a wide variety of plaques, signs, and markers. Choose from vertical or horizontal styles, and materials including stone and metal. Styles range from charming to elegant, and some even feature Disney and Harley-Davidson images.

The Tile & Iron Studio lets you mix and match tile styles and sizes. Numbers are surrounded with decorative tiles with names including Snakeskin Tumbled Marble, Bamboo, Ocean Blues, and Falling Leaves (in 2 styles).

Tile with Style offers custom home address plaques and other custom made craft items such as hand-fired tile trays and bird house address plaques. Hardwood frames are offered in various colors or available unfinished with decorative ceramic tile in off-white color. They feature 3-inch-high numbers that comply with local 911 code regulations.

Your Signs is based in the UK and they offer a delightfully English range of custom made signs that can include house names and house addresses that include the street name as well as the street number. You can also order custom painted signs that feature pictures that you specify. They ship worldwide.

house-number-yoursigns.jpgRejuvenation specializes in porcelain house numbers that come mounted in galvanized steel brackets. Porcelain house numbers were installed throughout Portland in the 1930s, and their charm has not only staying power but wide geographic appeal.