Your Home and Garden Horoscope

From on February 27, 2009 in General Remodel

What’s your sign? And what does it indicate about your home and garden preferences? With a hat-tip to all the fine astrologers who know a lot more about astrology than I do, I bring you my intuitive suggestions… just for fun.

Capricorn, an Earth sign

homeoffice.jpg Capricorns are often grounded and really good in business and finance. For you, your home office should receive special focus and attention. You’ll probably also want a special section in your kitchen for a computer, so you can check your portfolio while you wait for your morning coffee to brew.

Photo: Rockwood Construction

Aquarius, an Air sign

Aquarians are considered to have strong humanitarian interests. Since this likely includes entertaining people to discuss local and global events, you’ll want a comfortable family room that opens onto a patio garden for indoor/outdoor gatherings.

Photo: Qualitex

Pisces, a Water sign

landplanpond.jpg Pisces are generally dreamy and sensitive. You probably like a lot of quiet time, and appreciate the soothing benefits of gardening and being out in nature. Landscaping activities and garden areas for drifting and dreaming will satisfy you – and don’t forget to add a fish pond.

Photo: Landplan Landscaping

Aries, a Fire sign

ekmanhallway.jpg Aries people are often strong, outgoing, and focused. You’ll tend to thrive in a home with an open floor plan, so you can stride from end to end with plenty of space to move. Make sure your garage is well-organized and has plenty of space for movement, too.

Photo: Ekman and Associates

Taurus, an Earth sign

pfiefferhomeentertainment.jpgTaurus is a sign of beauty loving folks who also have the reputation for stubbornness. You know what you like, and you’re stickin’ with it! A haven-like entertainment center with the finest technology and some beautiful art will please you greatly.

Photo: Pfeiffer Customs LLC

Gemini, an Air sign

carlisleoffice.jpgGeminis are lofty-minded people who value the power and pleasure of thought, and usually change their minds quickly and frequently. You will probably enjoy a home library that includes books, magazines, and of course, a computer for Internet surfing.

Photo: Carlisle Classic Homes LLC

Cancer, a Water sign

outdoorpatio.jpgCancer is the sign of the ultimate homebody. Hearth and home are havens for most all people, but for you, even more so. You’ll probably thrive in a home that has a well-designed kitchen, and your patio will be an extension of that – an outdoor kitchen equipped to the max.

Photo: Sensible Remodel

Leo, a Fire sign

largelandscape.jpg Leo people are often extroverts who love attention and applause. Because you probably enjoy being surrounded by loving friends and admiring neighbors, you’ll want to landscape your home for the wow! factor. And your living and dining areas will likely be large and dramatic so you can entertain with flair.

Photo: Antigua Landscape

Virgo, an Earth sign

Virgo people tend to be detail-oriented and prize perfectionism (no matter that it’s an impossible goal). You will likely value organized closets, a lot of extra storage space in kitchen, garage, and laundry room. Neatness and cleanliness help you feel calm, so well-designed storage spaces will serve you well.

Libra, an Air sign

Libra is the sign of balance and harmony. Many Libra people appreciate order and symmetry. Remodeling your front porch with columns will please your eye and make a gracious entry to your home. A large entry hall with simple, artistic furnishings will please you greatly.

Scorpio, a Water sign

Scorpio is the sexiest sign of the zodiac. Scorpio is also known for its love of mystery. For you, a wonderful bedroom and bathroom suite is perhaps the most valuable place you could lavish your remodeling attentions. Build in all the extras so you can enjoy all the pleasures of your private space.

Sagittarius, a Fire sign

Sagittarius people are known as adventuresome types with lively, crackling personalities. You’ll probably want at least one major fireplace in your home, and more is better. You’ll also want one outside. Travel gear will be plentiful for you, so add shelving and cabinets in your garage and closets to store it all.