Wonder-Couple Starts Flipping Houses, Remodels 17 Homes

From on June 17, 2010 in General Remodel

The story of how one couple entered the field of flipping houses.

Entrepreneurship is amazing. Most people dive into entrepreneurship with a dream, a lot of debt, and a ton of challenges. Other people, well, they just kind of hit the jackpot. The jackpot theme is more along the lines of what happened to one Iowa City couple.

flipping house provorse

Jay and Michelle Provorse were pretty much normal people—a young husband and wife. Both had jobs, average ones. They had a two-year old son. They liked watching HGTV (who doesn’t?). And they like coffee. So what? Here’s what. One day, thanks to a late-night, coffee-induced brainstorming session, they decided to sell everything and live in a resort spot on the Mediterranean for a few months.

What?! That’s exactly how it happened. The three-month reconnoiter in southern Spain was nothing less than an all-out strategy time for the launch of their new business. Their new business? Flipping houses.

Back in Iowa City, with their feet firmly planted on reality, and their financial situation looking a bit tenuous, the couple launched the business—Pro Home Solutions, LLC. The first purchase was a promising home near Coralville Reservoir. Their first financial sponsors were the in-laws.

So maybe it wasn’t the most enterprising entrance into big business, but it was a start. Capitalizing on their savvy for renovation, landscaping and tiling, they began a once-over on the home—remodeling it and living in it at the same time. That’s how the business grew. They lived in homes, remodeled the homes, and sold the homes themselves. It’s called flipping, and for this couple, it worked.

flipping house remodeling

It worked out pretty well, actually. In just four years of business, the entrepreneur couple flipped seventeen homes. Thankfully, they’ve been able to settle down in a home of their own, rather than moving seventeen times. The homes that they flip are amazing. They start out amazingly ugly, and they end up amazingly beautiful.

A lot of hard work, extensive calculations, arduous research, exciting visions, tentative sales, joyful moments, and of course good coffee, have characterized the success of the entrepreneurial experiment of the Iowan couple. For them, it’s been an awesome success—a sweet story of catching a vision, risking it all, and cashing in. They’re living the American Dream.