Who Makes Remodeling Decisions in My House?

From on November 25, 2008 in General Remodel

Couple HomeRemodeling decisions in my house are easily made, by me; but then, it’s only me and one of my sons at home now. According to a recent Harvard University Study, women control 91% of home buying and remodeling decisions. I could have told them that without the study.

I can tell you, though, that remodeling decisions are not always easy to make, especially with the economy sitting the way it is at this time. My sister and her husband have had to make some tough decisions. They are foster parents and raising their own kids, so their decisions are often influenced by the needs of the household. Who makes the decisions in their household for a remodeling project? Well, my sister does.

When she gets an idea that she feels will add to the good of the household, then she will find a way to make it work. Her husband, on the other hand, is the man that gets the job done. For them, the decision to do a remodel is mostly because my sister enjoys it and because she feels it is time for an upgrade. She loves, no she thrives on the hustle and bustle of a project in progress. Within the past two years, they’ve remodeled their kitchen and master bath.

First, she gets the idea, and then she will spend hours with pencil and paper drawing out what she wants. Her next step is to spend time on the Internet looking at plans, styles, and materials.

Once she has a clear picture of her plan, she approaches her husband and sells him on the idea. They then, together, start putting their budget in order. This requires that he makes the material and cost calls and she makes the calls for the help, usually from family and friends with experience. If there are permits and such required, he makes those calls, too. Making these calls gives them a good idea of costs and who has the best deals for what they want. My sister will take advantage of every sale in town, and abroad if necessary, to find and get what she wants.

Does this scenario sound at all familiar to you?

Because remodels at this time do not bring as high of a return to your home as they did only a few years ago, think of other ways to gain some of the expenses back. Plan to use environmentally safe, energy saving products and materials whenever possible. Also, plan what you will do with construction debris from the project. These are some things my sister has become more and more conscience of through her project mistakes and lessons learned.

For many people, the decision to remodel can be a hard one to make. For me, I would weigh the costs of money and time of work I could do myself, against hiring someone to do the work for me. Who makes the remodeling decisions in your house? Whoever does, don’t fail to do the research, planning, and careful budgeting before starting. It will be worth a consultation with a well-qualified contractor.