Which is Harder to Build: the House, or the Shopping Mall?

From on April 22, 2009 in General Remodel

Rick Thomas, President of Thomas Custom Builders, Inc., has worked on a fair share of large commercial projects, including remodeling and construction work for the White House, Pentagon, Naval Observatory, Camp David, and various schools, laboratories, and commercial facilities. His assessment? Working on a home is much harder. hauserrowlandstanrich076.jpgPhoto credit: Thomas Custom Builders, Inc. Rick says there are many more components to a house than say, a shopping center, and the specifications and materials for a home are typically of a higher quality. While the same attention goes to both project types, Rick says general contractors for remodeling projects have to do more than commercial contractors. blaketub2.jpgPhoto Credit: Thomas Custom BuildersRemodeling is more difficult than building new, and residential contractors need to have greater knowledge … of in-house work, demolition, and carpentry. There are so many components to a house and there is interaction with every trade from beginning to end,” Rick says. In business for 31 years, Rick takes pride in having a wide body of knowledge that comes from putting the time and attention into getting educated in the industry. This allows for work to come together more seamlessly, as he can plan for the time and space that subcontractors need. april2808038.jpgPhoto credit: Thomas Custom Builders, Inc. “We make it easier. We know exactly what comes before and after without causing them trips. In the long run, we all do a better job for less money, without compromising quality.”