Which Bungalow Am I?

From on March 06, 2008 in General Remodel

It’s our final posting for this week’s Right Style, Right Remodel take on bungalows. Thanks for reading, and we hope you’ve enjoyed this week’s articles. You may think you know a lot when it comes to bungalows. Let’s test that knowledge with the following quiz on three bungalow house types. Bungalow #1 I’ve transformed the basic worker’s cottage into the signature home of my city. I was built between 1910 and 1940. I’m made of bricks – my particular shade is yellow, though others in my neighborhood have different colors. My kitchen is small and looks to the side of the neighbor’s house, which is very close to me. But my other charms make up for that. I’ve got lots of windows, many leaded and of stained glass. I’m known for my gables, or roof peeks, which run parallel to the street. My roof is narrow and my artful front door leads straight to the sun room and expansive interior, where wood and ceramic tile are abundant. I’ve got a nice porch, too. Which bungalow am I? Bungalow #2 I’m dark brown and green on the outside to match the trees and natural landscape. Inside, I’ve got dark wood paneling and wooden beams arch across my ceiling. Aside from wood, though, you’ll find mixed materials on me, such as handcrafted stone and elegant metalwork. I’ve also got locally handcrafted glass on my casement windows. Tapered columns support my sloping roof. Wide, overhanging eaves make my home appear closer to the earth, and my porch fits in nicely underneath them. Called a sleeping porch, it’s wide enough to feel like a room of its own. Inside, I’ve got a fireplace, and bookcases separate my living room from the dining room. My kitchen’s got lots of built-ins. Which bungalow am I? Bungalow #3 I resemble a quaint English cottage. You’ll recognize me by my steep roof and decorative exterior wall cladding. I like my half timberings and lavish use of stone. You’ll often see smoke rising out of my large, ornate chimney. My doorways are exquisitely detailed, my windows are tall. My walls are thick and clad with stucco, brick, wood, or stone. Inside, you’ll see a touch of France, but turn the lights on as I’ve been told that it’s dark. Which bungalow am I? Okay, here are the answers: Bungalow #1: Chicago, Bungalow #2: Craftsman, Bungalow #3: Tudor. How many did you get right? Keep the woodwork on your bungalow flawless. Get free estimates from our certified contractors before you start your remodel. Links: American Bungalow