Where in the World Are the Generic Building Materials?

From on September 23, 2008 in General Remodel

Generic building supplies

Before starting a new remodel project, I wanted to know more about the pros and cons of buying generic brand building materials to see if I could save some money. When I go to the pharmacy and ask for the generic brand, there’s no problem there. As for buying apparel, well, I am a woman (near expert) and I do know what a name brand is over a lesser brand or copy brand. So online I went.

I checked out all the do-it-yourself sites imaginable and found…nothing. I checked out suppliers and found plenty of supplies, but nothing which differentiated brand names from generic brands. I checked out every possible key word I could think of and found very little except the same sites over and over again. When I looked up anything containing the word “generic,” I found mostly information on pharmaceuticals. Under “brand names,” I found apparel sites. Under “building material,” I found every supplier in the universe – none of them offered information about generic brands. Instead, they claimed all their brands are good, or they wouldn’t carry them.

The best advice I found was to look for the quality and price range I was interested in and to let that be my spending guide. If you’re not an expert in this particular field on consumer buying, like me, how do you know what is a better quality over another? Should I go with pricing only? I was always taught that you get what you pay for, but I’ve also learned in life that that isn’t always necessarily true, either. In this case, it’s more like buying from brand name stores vs. outlets and liquidators; choosing regular prices vs. bargain or discounted prices; and going with new products vs. seconds or used/recycled products.

So my conclusion is that I need to do a lot more research and become familiar with the brands and quality they provide before starting on my project. Or I can go to a real expert and let them help me out in my choices. I’m opting for the expert; I think the time savings will be a money saver in the long run.