What Your Walls Endure When You Have Kids

From on July 08, 2008 in General Remodel

crayon handFrom the time they can crawl, kids are notorious for tearing around the house or hitting the walls and cabinets with hard objects. At least when thusly occupied, you know what they are doing. It’s when they are strangely quiet that you better start looking. That is when you’ll find a crayon mural on the bedroom wall, or find they’ve discovered the tool-box and are “fixing” the wall for you. Unless you want to become a stressed-out wreck, you may as well just enjoy their enthusiasm, and plan to do some repairs when they are older.

Pens, markers, and crayons are favorites for wall destruction. A preventative step would be to paint your walls with at least a satin sheen, which will be easier to wash. Baby wipes, fabric softener, or a baking soda and water paste will all remove these stains. Harsher treatments that have also been known to work are WD-40 and lighter fluid. If none of these work, check out these 21 Crayon Busters, posted on Tipnut.com. If all else fails, you can always apply an all-purpose primer to seal-in the stains, and then tackle that paint job you’ve been putting off.

Whether it’s sports equipment, bouncing balls, water damage, or simply accidents, your walls will inevitably incur some dents and holes. Patching drywall is not difficult, but should be done carefully.

Although I cannot imagine any damage worse than what we’ve covered so far, it’s not to say our ingenious offspring won’t discover some way to surprise us. If you are faced with a repair project, request the assistance of a pre-screened contractor in your area to give you a hand.