What You Do (and Don't) Need in a Baby Nursery

From on August 02, 2010 in General Remodel

Among other daunting elements that first-time parents face is the amount of stuff available to fill a nursery with. While you certainly want to provide the best for your wee one on the way, you also don’t want to clutter your home. And you’re very aware that one teensy baby requires massive supplies (diaper pails! Bottle warmers! You had no idea!). So how to sift through the propaganda and start a new life with essentials? Here is what you truly need in a nursery while also feeling abundantly outfitted.

baby nursery crib

#1 – Crib

If you intend to have a dozen progeny or want the crib to convert to a bed later, purchase a higher-end crib that will last through the years. Yet more economical cribs, such as the Jenny Lind style found in BabiesRUs, can work beautifully without breaking the bank. With the money you’ve saved, indulge yourself in fun baby bedding.

#2 – Armoire or Flat-Topped Dresser

Both items of furniture can double as clothes storage and changing tables. Add a changing pad to the top of the dresser or a shelf in the armoire, and eliminate entirely the need for a changing table, which you must trust will become obsolete fast. Armoires and dressers can grow with Baby and also hide toys later, keeping a room clean while providing quick access to playthings. baby nursery organization

#3 – Rocking Chair

You may have already installed your favorite enormous reading chair into the nursery corner, which will work beautifully—but if not, get a rocker. Thankfully, modern parent aesthetic sensibilities have encouraged a deluge of stylish rockers. You can find a rocker that looks beautiful and not much like a rocker. From midnight feedings to toddler fevers to board books, you will want an inviting place for you.

#4 – Light Control

On one end of the spectrum, you’ll want to keep light out for peaceful nap times (which means peace for you). On the other, you’ll want light that reflects that newly maternal glow you feel. Invest in lighting that gives enough light without overpowering the room, or your infant.

#5 – White Noise

Yes, you read this right. Whether your baby is a sound sleeper or wakes at the sigh of your breathing down the hallway, white noise can envelope your infant in a cocoon of soft sound and eliminate those distracting peripheral noises. This way, you can have that intimate dinner party without shushing your dinner guests after Baby is down. Photo Credit: WaiteingRoom