What Entails A High-End Remodeling Project?

From on March 27, 2008 in General Remodel

What is the determining factor to classify a remodeling project “high-end?” Is it the expense, the size of the project, or simply the overall amount of change that takes place? Actually, it is a combination of all three of these factors. Expense When planning your remodel, one of the largest considerations is how much you can afford to invest into the project. The expense is relative to the size of the remodel; if you spend $50,000 on one room, there is a good chance you are doing a “high-end” remodel. Whereas, if you spend that much and remodel the whole house, you probably did more of a low or mid-range remodel. Materials Choices The choices you make in materials also will make a big difference. Take a new bathtub for example; you have a choice between a basic tub for around $200, or the top of the line Jacuzzi soaker for $5000. If you apply the same logic to the rest of your materials choices, you will determine the definition of your project. Magnitude of Change The overall extent of your remodel will make a difference also. A high-end remodel would entail building new walls, and completely remaking a room from top to bottom. Verses, simply replacing the windows and doors and adding fresh paint. This article printed in December 2007 in the Washington Post, discusses the decrease in high-end remodeling with the changes in the housing market. According to this article, homeowners are recouping more of their investment from low or mid-range remodels. As with any remodeling project, you should take into account the factors affecting your specific area. If you are in an area of high-end homes, and buyers will expect the higher-end features, you may have no choice but to make high-end choices. Your contractor should be able to give you estimates for both a high-end project as well as a less-expensive route.