Washing Machines in 5 Unexpected Places

From on July 18, 2008 in General Remodel

Even homeowners without separate laundry rooms or mud rooms need to do laundry. This leaves them with the question of: where to put those big, bulky washing machines and dryers? The solution to this dilemma can be just as creative as any other home remodeling upgrade. Here are 5 ideas to get your clothes clean, without interfering with your home’s overall flow: Washer Dryer CabinetIn the bathroom Kathy’s Remodeling Blog recently posted a blog on incorporating a laundry area into a full bathroom. The washer and dryer can snuggle comfortably behind folding doors or cabinets, and all that bathroom counterspace can double as a folding area. In the hallway The great thing about the washer/dryer is you don’t have to look at them to appreciate their convenience. If you don’t have the extra space in one of the rooms in your house, even the hallway can sub as your laundry area, with a little bit of creative covering. Here’s an idea from Southern Living: Hidden Laundry Room. In the closet Apparently, it’s not just a place for skeletons and shoes; the multifunctional closet can serve as a laundry room, too. Speaking of concealment, closets are made for just that. My Home Ideas agrees on closet-turned laundries. So small, it can be anywhere At least, that’s the idea that Nardo had with the Clean Cube Washer Dryer, built so small it should be easy to incorporate anywhere, even an undersized dorm room. Behind a curtain Need a quick, affordable solution? Place your laundry equipment against the wall and cover with a curtain. You will even create a decorative counter space at the same time. Southern Living has more on making the curtain-enclosed laundry area stylish.