Vacations in a Can? Must-See Retro Campers

From on July 06, 2010 in General Remodel

vacations in can

The last time I tried something innovative that was titled “in-a-can,” it was cheese. It was gross. I just came across something titled “in-a-can” that definitely hits the innovative category, but skips out on the “gross” altogether. Ladies and gents, I give you the Vacation in a Can.

In a welcome departure from the vastly expensive, environmentally devastating and personally inconveniencing RVs, the vacations-in-a-can concept takes a fresh look at camping. It offers a retro-style trailer, an eco-friendly alternative to camping and even incredible comfort to boot.

vacations can rental

What is it?

Vacations in a Can is the name of the company that makes these portable solutions. The conventional design starts with a standard-size teardrop trailer—from 4x8’ to 5’x10’. The inside of the trailer is equipped with modern comforts, though space is premium. Usually, the inside consists of a small storage compartment and a full bed. The back of the trailer features a full hatch door. The door opens to reveal shelving, drawers, lighting and a great place to prepare lunch or store a cooler.

vacations can lighting

Total Vacation Solution

Imagine camping with one of these! Being the envy of every big-boy RV owner is something I’d like to try out. For the minimalist, thrill-seeking vacation-lover or camping aficionado, Vacations in a Can is a must-see kind of operation. They offer teardrop rentals from their HQ in Penngrove, Sonoma County, CA.

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Tiny Home?

Are you a homeowner with wanderlust? This could actually be your chance to have a home on a hitch. It offers all the conveniences of a modern home (well almost all of them), plus the appeal of absolute mobility. Vacations in a Can does not offer one stock trailer for every potential teardrop trailer vacationer. They offer a completely custom approach to each trailer that they design. You can have what you want, and have it the way you want it. That’s the way your home should be.

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