Top Home Improvement Credit Cards

From on December 15, 2008 in General Remodel

Gone are the days of banks and lending institutions bending over backwards to solicit you to refinance your home and to open an equity line of credit with them. Don’t worry, there are other ways for you to take advantage of the slower construction trade and to tackle those renovation projects you’ve been putting off. Here are a few of the top home improvement credit cards available.

  • The Chase Home Improvement Rewards Visa Card.This card offers 3% cash back on home improvement purchases up to $10,000. There are restrictions as to where you can use the card, but many of the major home improvement chains are included.
  • The Bank of America Home Advantage Card.This card will give you 2% cash back for home improvement purchases.
  • Discover’s Platinum Rewards Card.This card is a bit different from the previous two in that it offers 5% cash back on home improvement purchases, but only for a three-month time period each year. Unfortunately, there is normally a $400 limit for the 5% cash back and you won’t end up exceeding $20.
  • Chase Business Platinum Card.This card is ideal for small business owners, providing 3% cash back on all home improvement purchases, and business related expenses at restaurants, gas stations, hardware stores, and other expenses. Only businesses qualify, and all expenditures have to be business related.

So even though it is a little harder to borrow money these days the conventional way, expand your thinking and look to other options. You might even tap the resources of close friends or family members. After all, they may be delighted to receive 4%-5% interest from you rather than 1%-2% from their bank. Request free estimates from prescreened home remodeling contractors today to determine how much you need to borrow.