Home Improvement Ideas for Empty Nesters

From on June 18, 2008 in General Remodel

barbecueAs you send your youngest child happily off in pursuit of dreams, you can’t help noticing the stillness left behind in your empty house. You are now officially an empty nester, and it’s time to turn your home from child-friendly into your dream home. You may be surprised to know that you are not alone in your remodeling aspirations. Empty nesters currently make up the largest demographic of remodelers. So where do you begin?

  1. Paint. Fresh color and clean walls are one of the least expensive ways to give your home a new appearance.
  2. Create your dream master bedroom. Create your dream romantic bedroom that is relaxing and luxurious.
  3. Step up the entertainment factor. Just because the family barbeques will no longer include all the kids, doesn’t mean you can’t entertain and have fun! Instead of parties that fill your home with noisy children, you will now be entertaining adults. Ideas include installing a wetbar, outdoor kitchen, or entertainment room. On the other hand, if a home theater isn’t your thing, why not create a relaxing sun room for reading and quiet afternoon naps.
  4. Install a hot-tub. Along with aching muscles, you now have time for a relaxing soak.
  5. Replace the flooring. No more neutral and durable brown carpets!
  6. Set up a guest room. Time to turn the kid’s room into a guest quarter. Or, turn the room into something you can use all-year long. Have you been curious to take up painting, for instance? Convert the bedroom into a light-filled studio!
  7. Begin planting and reviving your garden areas. Perhaps they’ve been slightly neglected of late, or perhaps you’ve been waiting for the opportunity to introduce new flowers or give your bushes some much-need pruning. Now’s the time to do some meditative garden work and spend rejuvenating time outdoors.
  8. Build a home office. Keep in touch with the kids and maybe even start the home business you’ve been putting off for years.

You’ve worked hard, you’ve done your job, and now you can finally address some areas of your life you’ve set aside for years. A home renovation will not only be a reward, but the noise will definitely fill that ominous silence that constantly reminds you that your baby has grown-up and left the nest. Request free estimates from contractors in your area to begin your renovation projects.