The Pleasures of Rural Remodeling

From on July 11, 2008 in General Remodel

rural-homes.jpgYou might wonder how location could really make a difference in your remodeling options. “How can my address matter when all I want is a new kitchen?” In some ways it makes no difference, yet there are advantages to remodeling rural-style.

Freedom to Build

For one, the rural remodeler is less likely to be subject to building restrictions that often haunt the urban resident. Setbacks, easements, and other restrictions may not apply when you have an acre or more of land to work with. There is more freedom to do things like double the size of that kitchen by making it an addition, or building a detached garage or shop, or building that fence extra tall. Of course, don’t be encouraged to just head out and start remodeling on a whim. Always check with your county for up-to-date building codes.

More Room for Energy Independence

Another big advantage for the rural homeowner, who probably has a larger than usual lot and open space to work with, is going solar and energy independence. With a wide open expanse, a rural remodeler probably enjoys the maximum amount of sunshine for their specific area. Even if the house is well shaded by trees, there is probably room enough for a ground-mount system. CalFinder Solar can help get quick and easy answers to any questions you might have regarding the use of solar energy to provide some or all of your home’s energy needs.

Relishing the View

Rural homeowners can also take advantage of passive solar techniques. Large windows, skylights, and other daylighting techniques are great ways to maximize that country living pleasure and save energy. An outdoor room or sunroom would be an excellent way to enjoy the outdoors, avoid all those pesky insects, and relish that view of the night sky you can only get out in that great wide open.