The Marvelously Minimal Home in Massachusetts

From on January 22, 2011 in General Remodel

mass minimalist living room

If the New Year has brought in revamped urges to minimize your house and show off beloved belongings with more panache, then this 770-square-foot Cambridge home is the space that will inspire you. Eli and Jessica’s condo could be described as both sparse and warm—a difficult combo to come by.

mass. minimalist design

Everything in this space seems to matter to them, and there is nothing that doesn’t fall into William Morris’ design philosophy that an object is worthy of a space only if it is either useful or beautiful.

mass. minimalist desk

The meticulous choosing process that Eli and Jessica have gone through has created a perfect blend of furniture. The simplicity of the pieces themselves, such as in this office space, allows for bold midcentury-modern shapes and stark colors to invigorate rather than cramp each room.

mass. minimalist kitchen

Each room is anchored by strong dark elements, thought color simultaneously abounds. Take the kitchen, which is grounded through the cabinetry, and yet balanced by the bright details of the warm wood, contrasting chairs and orange clock.

mass. minimalist bedroom

This condo is a superb example of how a small space can be both beautiful and functional. Both fun and grown-up. Both minimalist and full of life.

mass. minimalist patio