The Classic Look of Black & White

From on November 13, 2008 in General Remodel

Interior design changes and varies about as often as the designs of women’s clothing. Each season welcomes new colors and fresh styles, each intended to surpass the last in design superiority and creativity. There is an explanation for our obsession with changing styles, whether it is our clothing, hair, or the living room drapes. It is our way of spicing life up a bit, keeping it interesting and giving each era a distinctive characteristic that we will look nostalgically back on someday. Like the big hair of the eighties and the tie-dyes of the seventies, what defining styles are we creating for today?

In the spinning wheel of our changing preferences, the classic look of plain-old black and white has re-emerged. As shown in these luxurious lavatories, black and white can look simply stunning together. As you can see, there are no specific rules for creating this look. Notice how in some examples, the black is in the fixtures, whereas others have it on the walls or floors with white fixtures. A number of materials can be incorporated into these contrastingly striking scenes. Notice the black trim, door, and accessories in the first bathroom, floor tiles in the second, completely black wall panels in another, and a black steel window in the last.

Richard Powers | Bathroom | Remodelista

It’s as simple as black and white (I had to throw that in somewhere); this just exemplifies that you can be as liberal as you like in your creative genius when working with these two colors. If you want to bring a splash of this classic beauty with its clean simplicity to your fall design, then request free estimates from prescreened remodeling contractors in your area.