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From on January 09, 2009 in General Remodel

Remodeling Tips Online

Homeownership is often paired with repairs, renovations, additions, and upgrades. If you are a homeowner, I’m sure you’ve encountered many questions and issues along the way where it would have been helpful to have a quick and informative resource to reference. That is what we’ve tried to create through our library feature.

Pella Replacement WindowsIf you haven’t noticed it already, our remodeling library is packed full of information on many areas of home improvement. Organized into accessible categories that are broken down by each area of a house, you can read articles about everything from small bathroom remodels to kitchen plans, types of garage doors to replacement windows. Each classification is extensive.

Take our section on Andersen Windows as an example. We dissect each area of their product line, highlighting, comparing, and contrasting the various features of each of their products. We offer the comparison of a competing company as well in our section on the Pella Window and Door Company.

Our library is helpful when you are planning a renovation project as well. It offers design ideas and style tips, highlighting new products and materials and showcasing the various options available for you. I remodeled my kitchen last year before I was aware of CalFinder’s site. Now that I’ve had the opportunity to learn more about kitchen design and the various products out there, I would probably design my kitchen much differently today. When I was choosing my countertopping, I thought my only options were formica, corion, tile, and granite; essentially just what my local home improvement store offered. Now that I’ve learned more about the many other choices for countertopping, I like the idea of something more unusual such as concrete, recycled glass, or slate.

When you get a free moment, take a peek at our library. You might be surprised what little tidbit of information might help you out a bit. Request a free estimate from a prescreened remodeling contractor in your area.

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