Tap into CalFinder Contractors’ Expertise for High-End & Luxury Remodeling

From on July 31, 2009 in General Remodel

Quality is always in style, and no matter your budget, it’s always fun to browse the highest of the high-end in home remodeling. In many cases, the same experts who do high-end remodels are also adept at luxury building from scratch.

Specialists in high-end building & remodeling excellence are, of course, easily accessible among CalFinder’s growing group of certified contractors. These professionals deliver spectacular results for gracious living. Let’s take a look at some of their high-end projects!


This home was remodeled by Ekman and Associates, based in Oakland. Committed to quality, Ekman develops projects with cutting-edge technology to make homes wonderful and exciting.

A “Design and Build” Firm, Samuel Sinnott & Company provides both architectural and construction services. With its Menlo Park, CA, location, high-end projects are the name of the game.


Don’t you love this huge white bathtub on a dais of tile? Definitely a luxury home spa experience waiting to be had! PB Construction provides top-quality craftsmanship and design in Seattle and Puget Sound.

With a patio and extensive landscape pulling your gaze outdoors, staying home is the way to go. Antigua Landscapes specializes in landscaping and offers hardscaping as well. Based in Clayton, CA.